History of wood panelling

“Wood panelling is still overlooked far too often and was long looked down upon before being acknowledged as one of the main types of decorative art. As a key addition to complete any piece of furniture, it was originally used as casing before being disowned and stripped from its place of origin to end up being used as firewood! Often neglected, it’s not always easy to work with.” (Les Boiseries du Musée Carnavalet-Anne Forray-Carlier)

Atelier de la Boiserie has been honing its skills in this craft for over 50 years.

A fine art form

The art of wall panelling includes any carpentry work that decorates and covers a given surface.

 It could be moulded, sculpted, painted or left bare and our work is characterised by the elegance and preciseness of its design, carefully crafted by our craftsmen. Our expertise lies in blending contemporary styles with the character and charm of traditional panelling.  Whether it’s flamboyant Gothic or 18th century styles, we always put our heart and soul into creating beautiful works of art.

Wood panelling

Our panelling may be inspired by notable works from past centuries or follow the designs of prestigious decorators.

 With a fine blend of sculpted and gilded details and colourful tapestry, it is a seamless addition to any wall or room, giving it unique character.