Restoration and heritage

Restoration requires extreme precision and we do our utmost to replicate the original design and existing work as closely as possible. We work on the purity and tradition of styles, without in any way changing the original character.

Our work on historical monuments and heritage sites focuses on preservation, whether we are working indoors or outdoors. Upon completion of the project phases and commencement of work, we draw up a report which outlines the scale and impact of our work on the building.   This diagnosis is used to help architects and contractors decide whether to conserve or modernise. It is also used for the completed works file and as a reference for future restoration work.

All our restoration projects for conservation or refurbishment fully comply with the Venice Charter:

Article 2:

“The conservation and restoration of monuments must have recourse to all the sciences and techniques which can contribute to the study and safeguarding of the architectural heritage.”

Article 3:

“The intention in conserving and restoring monuments is to safeguard them no less as works of art than as historical evidence.” As a result, we call upon external experts and consultants to approve or refute our plans and the project manager is informed of each decision.

Specialists in historic monuments

Ever since being founded, Atelier de la Boiserie has been taking on large-scale restoration projects on Historic French Monuments.

Our craftsmen have therefore acquired expert knowledge in this field. Extra special care should be taken on the sites where they are located as they are often open to the public and full of history. We therefore pay close attention to every last detail as well as noise pollution, the environment, visitors and archaeology, giving us some clues on past use, for restoration or modernisation.

Old panelling and recovery

We recover and keep old panelling and have a wide selection of patinas, which can be used to create unique charming designs.  We also offer custom refurbishments of antique styles from the 13th to 20th century, with a selection of patinas also available to blend perfectly into the surroundings.