Vue générale de l'atelier

At the heart of Atelier de la Boiserie

We consider our Workshop as the beating heart of the company.  It is where designs become finished products and where knowledge is continually being acquired and passed on. The techniques used are both traditional and innovative, and our craftsmen apply all of their skills to deliver only the highest quality products for our customers.

We use methods that are both traditional and state-of-the-art at both of our workshops in Paris and Gargas.

This means that our craftsmen will be working on various different types of products, for example some might be working on restoring old wood panels by seeking to perfectly replicate their original colour while others could be operating numerically controlled machines producing incredibly complex designs.

A diverse team of experts

Our workshop teams collectively possess a very wide set of skills and include expert cabinetmakers, carpenters, sculptors, varnishers, floor layers, marquetry specialists, fitters, woodturners and locksmiths.

Atelier de la Boiserie will therefore be able to carry out any type of carpentry project, whether it be carved panelling, Persian blinds, doors, windows, luxury fittings and so on.

Travail de l'atelier

Precision tools and technology

Our profession is rapidly evolving and by investing we can continually build upon our expertise.

 Every year we make investments on developing and upgrading our facilities. We also focus on each craftsman’s individual equipment and enhancing their skills with ongoing training.