Projet d'une bibliothèque

The team

Our design team is made up of people with complementary profiles. Their strong academic background and wealth of experience are thoroughly applied to each individual design.

We always take the time to fully understand our customers’ requirements and maintain regular dialogue throughout; we finish products on time courtesy of our attentiveness.

Please take note that our team produces graphic designs, plans, 2D and 3D drawings for the projects that it has been assigned to.

The design process : Sketches and detailed drawings

By producing rough sketches and detailed drawings, together we can analyse the various options that are available and create a design that matches your request as closely as possible.

Each drawing is designed to provide additional information to help facilitate the conceptualisation of your design and we are fully capable of incorporating each of your ideas into the final product.

We are also adept at carrying out historical and patrimonial projects. Our extensive experience has taught us that each aspect of a design is never quite as simple as it may initially appear. Whether for new or antique designs, constructive ideas can only really be based upon bibliographic research.

For special woodwork projects, we conduct historical research to better understand and create the requested design.

Vue d'artiste
Plan salle de bain

Work plans

Once the design has been approved, work plans will be produced. They are used to provide a clear overview of the technical design of a structure and to plan for its creation. They are drawn up by our design draughtsmen who specify the conditions for implementation, as well as the materials and hardware to be used.