Porte d'entrée

Entrance doors

Whether you opt for a minimalist design, an awning or a flamboyant style that has been intricately moulded and sculpted, your door is a key element when welcoming friends, family and guests to your home.

Regardless of your choice, whether it be oak or solid walnut from France, reinforced or studded, single, double or triple leaf, solid or glazed, our doors keep out unwelcome visitors (65mm thick, 3 or 5-point safety lock, inner protective screen if necessary, etc.) and provide an insulating shield from the cold and adverse weather conditions (watertight sealing, brush seals, threshold strips, etc.).

All our models are custom-made and come with a wide selection of decorative fittings, door knocker handles as well as sandblasted, patina or painted finishes.

Interior doors

Regardless of where they are positioned, interior doors are a charming feature of any room in your house. Classic or contemporary, patina or glass, they are fully bespoke and are available in solid French oak, walnut, cherry wood or basswood. They can be delivered ready to install, framed or fitted with hinges. We also offer a wide choice of handles or latches.

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